Art Bloggers @ Red Dot open discussion

Thanks everyone for coming to the art blogger panel discussion. I’m sure the audience had more to contribute, so the panel questions (we didn’t get to all of them) are posted on the event blog. Feel free to post your own responses. If you post them on your own blog, please provide a link in the Comments section.

At artblog.net Franklin Einspruch, made a link list of the bloggers who stopped by the Red Dot panel and said hello: Hrag Vartanian, Chris Albert, Steven Alexander, Olympia Lambert, James Kalm, Chris Jagers, Megan and Murray, Andrew Robinson, Pretty Lady, Brent Burket, Harry and Jennifer Swartz-Turfle.

Check out Hrag Vartanian’s blog for an amusing post about the panel discussion.

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  1. thanks for inviting me! it was a good time!


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