Paul McCartney and Mark Wallinger news

According to This is Nottingham, Sir Paul McCartney has become obsessed with Jan Vermeer’s painting “The Guitar Player.” English Heritage, who owns the painting, told Paul that the painting isn’t for sale at any price, but if it were, art expert Bart Cornelis said it could be worth more than �50 millon. Apparently Paul, a well-known art collector, paints, too, but hates being called a “celebrity painter.” In 2002, when the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool presented “The Art of Paul McCartney,” his professed aim was not to win critical acclaim but to further his artistic and creative output by getting a little feedback. And, by the way, speaking of celebrity artists, last night artist/actor Dennis Hopper presented Mark Wallinger with the $50,000 Turner Prize at the Tate Liverpool gallery. Accepting the award, Wallinger urged the government to “bring home the troops. Give us back our rights. Trust the people.” He said his project, “State Britain,” a meticulous re-creation of Brian Haw’s anti-war protest in Parliament Square, was the best thing selected this year, and thus felt no obligation to feign humility.

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