Janice Biala retrospective at Tibor de Nagy

Biala: I belong where my easel is…” Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York, NY. Through Jan. 5.

Janice Biala (1903�2000), Jack Tworkov‘s kid sister, lived and painted among the art and literary intelligentsia in New York and Paris for over sixty years. In the NY Sun, John Goodrich suggests that a little attention is long overdue. “Biala lived in the company of remarkable artists and writers. Spanning nearly 40 years, the paintings and mixed-media collages now on view at Tibor de Nagy Gallery reflect her unpretentious pleasure in her visual surroundings: the street scenes and monuments of France, Spain, Italy, and Morocco. Her admiration for Matisse shows in her simplified descriptions and planes of bright but subtly adjusted colors….All of Biala’s paintings seem touched by a tough ingenuousness � never sentimental or na�ve, but slightly nostalgic in their playful intimacy. Suffusing them is the outlook of a painter who has found what she needs and knows what she wants to do. The results glow with a wondrous candor.” Read more.

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