Samira Abbassay: mythology as autobiography

“Samira Abbassy: Cultural Convergences,” Anthony Giordano Gallery at Downing College, Oakdale, NY. Through Oct. 14.

Ancient tales from Greek mythology, the Bible and the Quran provide the content for Iranian-born Samira Abbassay’s paintings. Ariella Budick reports in Newsday: “Some people dig strenuously into their psyches to find themselves, mining their dreams, tunneling through memory. Samira Abbassy discovers herself in the surface of her paintings. Trauma, loss, desire and conflict materialize through her brush as she works, forming a coherent, if coded, narrative of her inner life. ‘The delivery of the message is what addicts you to making the work,’ she says, with an intensity that permeates her speech. ‘When you’re painting, you give full credence to the voices you’re trained to ignore. It’s like wakeful dreaming. It’s very precious information. But unlike dreams, what you’re producing is something tangible, proof that you’ve been there. Paintings teach you about your life.'” Read more.

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