Finch flogs blogs

On artnet, Charlie Finch takes on art bloggers. �The proliferation of art blogs has taken all the day-tripper fun out of criticism by circle-jerking, recycling and regurgitating the effluvia of critique beyond the wildest fantasies of Rosalind Krauss. An example is Sharon Butler of the �Two Coats of Paint� blog who is so exhaustive in her summaries of current art writing that someone could start a (short) blog on how Sharon Butler spends her nonexistent spare time.� Charlie continues by calling art blogs conformist, reactionary, redundant and self-referential. Other blogs Finch flogs are Edward Winkleman, Modern Art Notes, Art Fag City, Militant Art Bitch, and Art To Go, which are at the top of TCOP’s daily reading list. Will CultureGrrl be offended at being left out? I’d cover the story in more detail, but as Charlie points out, my time is limited.

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