Art gallery project, mistaken for gang graffiti, removed by cleaning crew

“James Cauty – The Rize and Fall of the Portslade Massif,” Ink_d gallery, Brighton, England. Through Nov. 3.

In The Argus, Ben Parsons reports: “Following in the footsteps of thinkers such as Immanuel Kant and Leo Tolstoy, a Brighton and Hove Council cleaning crew decided to make a small contribution to the debate. When they came across a slogan painted on an art gallery window, they made a quick assessment of its aesthetic value – and decided it could only be the work of vandals. They set to work removing the phrase Portslade Massif from the Ink_d gallery in North Road, Brighton, after they decided the reference to ghetto-style gang warfare on the west side of Hove proved it was just another piece of illegal graffiti. Unfortunately, like many critics before them, they had mistaken a piece of modern art for a talentless daub. In fact, the slogan was part of the title of an exhibition by controversial musician and artist James Cauty, whose works were on sale inside the gallery for more than �4,000.” Read more.

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