Sunday painters

“Season Three: Plein-Air Painters of Western Pennsylvania,” Watercolors Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. Through September 22.

As the eagerly anticipated fall gallery openings approach, there may be some harried, anti-social painters who would welcome a quiet contemplative painting experience far from the ambitious urban art crowd. If anyone who usually spends their days holed up in a studio has the urge to paint outside in a non-competitive environment with their country cousins, here is the upcoming location schedule for the Plein-Air Painters of Western Pennsylvania. Please promise to send Two Coats of Paint a full report.

Kurt Shaw reports in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that for the Plein-Air Painters of Western Pennsylvania, painting is a non-competitive sport: “Early every Sunday from the beginning of April through the end of October, weather permitting, members of the Plein-Air Painters of Western Pennsylvania paint and draw the sights and scenery of Pittsburgh and its surrounding neighborhoods. And although, each Sunday, the group may vary in makeup a little bit — an oil painter here, a pastel artist there, a few beginning watercolorists with their brand-new paint boxes in hand — each is ready to make a masterpiece of the city he loves….Just as the age ranges, so, too, does the level of experience — which is why this exhibition has no ‘best of show’ or first-prize winner. But, as club organizer Ron Donoughe says, that’s not the point of this exhibition — or the group itself. ‘The exhibition shows the range of abilities and is not juried, because we believe this is not a competitive sport. It is inclusive, and we want to encourage beginners to come out.'” Read more.

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