Jennifer Riley, Rachel Sumpter, and Robin Dash in Boston

“Jennifer Riley: Do You Remember . . .? New Paintings,” OH+T Gallery, Boston, MA. Through Sept. 29. Cate McQuaid reports in the Boston Globe: “Riley’s message is all about subtle tones and patterns, the collision of geometry’s clarity with the more organic and mystical qualities of color and space. It’s all about painting.”

“Robin Dash: Don’t Climb the Pyramids” and “Rachell Sumpter: New Work,” Allston Skirt Gallery, Allston, MA. Through Sept. 29. Cate McQuaid reports in the Boston Globe: “Anything is material for Dash: She adds vivid layers to a Jackson Pollock-style painting, recycling and re-creating, then drapes it in old silk pajamas (another callback to the video). There’s a sense of the hoarder to her work, but one with a strong aesthetic and hopeful sentiment: the conviction that it all has meaning, if you sift through it and rearrange it enough….Working in gouache and pastel on large sheets of brown paper, Sumpter first hints at vague, powdery landscapes with passages of color, then draws scads of tiny people in bright, hooded jackets migrating with the purposefulness of army ants from one section of the work to another. The dramatic shift in scale from the vast landscape to the wee figures pulls you right in, and up close you find more curiosities – those seeming Eskimos are moving past cacti, for instance.” Read more.

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