Jack Whitten and Robert Storr in conversation

“Jack Whitten,” Alexander Gray Associates, New York, NY. Through Oct. 20.

“Jack Whitten,” P.S. 1, Queens, NY. Through Sept. 24.

Jack Whitten recalls 9/11 in his conversation with Robert Storr in the Brooklyn Rail: “Watching those poor people jumping out of the buildings was the most terrifying and horrible experience. To think that close to 3,000 people were murdered in my neighborhood�nobody gets over that, you really don�t. So I made a vow to do something about it. I made the decision before that happened to sell my building, and got a new studio in Woodside, Queens. I remember Ms. Gund came to visit me at the studio in the middle of renovation, and I said to her, ‘The first painting I�m going to do when I get this studio together is going to be the 9/11 painting.’ When I finished the painting four years later, I called her up and invited her to come and see it, and she did.” Read more.

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