In the Boston galleries: Fallah, Rydz, Hwangbo, and Laylah Ali

“Amir H. Fallah + Evelyn Rydz,” Rhys Gallery, Boston, MA. Through October 5.

“Imi Hwangbo: The Portal Series /
Laylah Ali: Note Drawings, 2006,”
Miller Block Gallery, Boston, MA. Through Oct. 16.

In the Boston Globe gallery reviews, Cate McQuaid describes their artwork: “Both Amir Fallah’s paintings and the fort built in the gallery window have an awkward, na�ve quality that’s hot today; it stems from street art. Fallah has said that he started as a graffiti artist, but he also went to art school at UCLA, and although his work looks rough, it’s formally sophisticated; there’s more to each painting than you might initially think…. Evelyn Rydz’ work is almost filmic: There’s a quickening pace, a sense of threat, a lush visual, all highly controlled by the artist yet feeling as if on the verge of chaos….Hwangbo cuts translucent Mylar into designs inspired by Korean textiles. Each design is cut individually into as many as 30 layers of Mylar, with patterns getting larger as the paper is piled on….Laylah Ali has delightful, pugnacious drawings up at Miller Block. She continues to explore befuddled, sometimes aggressive, cartoonish alien characters, often masked; their costumes have become more ornate. She now adds text, making stream-of-consciousness lists in the middle of each drawing that take the same anxious tone as her imagery.” Read more.

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