Tangled up in blue

Charlie Finch reports on artnet: “In 1974, after living in Woodstock with his young family for seven years, Dylan moved back to MacDougal Street and began taking intense painting classes with a mystic Abstract Expressionist named Norman Rabin in a studio above Carnegie Hall. Dylan enjoyed the camaraderie of his fellow art students, whom he described as ‘cops and housewives,’ and learned from Rabin a mysterious world lesson, which Dylan characterized as ‘the past, present and future being in the same room’ simultaneously, presumably without the reverse dialectic of T.S. Eliot�s Burnt Norton. This essential realization, experienced through the act of intensive painting, inspired Dylan�s great disc, Blood on the Tracks, especially the color-drenched series of snapshots, Tangled Up in Blue.” Read more. “Bob Dylan,” over 200 paintings based on drawings and sketches published in a book titled “Drawn Blank” in 1994. Chenmitz Museum Art Museum, Berlin, opening Oct. 29.

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