Snowblind in Pittsburgh

“Snowblind,” curated by Thad Kellstadt. Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, SPACE, Pittsburgh, PA. Through Sept. 15. See images from the show.

Kurt Shaw reports in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “For several years now, Kellstadt has been the Pied Piper of Pittsburgh’s 20- and 30-something artists. Having an enviable post with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, he has been behind the scenes of numerous exhibitions at Wood Street Galleries and SPACE, not to mention the Trust’s two smaller galleries at 707 and 709 Penn Ave. And, having an amiable personality, he has made friends with countless artists and art aficionados since moving to Pittsburgh from the Columbus, Ohio, area years ago….One wall of the gallery is covered with a collaborative piece, ‘Change of Address.’ It pretty much sums up the underlying transient theme of the show. It seems, when looking at the multiple images of airplanes and automobiles mounted on variously shaped pieces of scrapwood, that these young artists are trying to drive home the idea that nothing is permanent, perhaps except for memory. But even that is fleeting.” Read more. Work by Heidi Anderson, Corey Antis, Chad Gordon, Christopher Herron and Josh Tonies.

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