Repetition examined at Goff + Rosenthal

“Summer 2007: Philip Akkerman, Francis Al�s, Stephen Bush,” Goff+Rosenthal, New York, NY. Through August 3. See images.

Daniel Kunitz In The Village Voice: “In art as in life, repetition can be a bore, a comfort, or even a novelty, depending on the context and how it’s done. Each summer in Chelsea, for instance, we go from one vaguely defined group show to another, hoping this unvarying process will result in the discovery of something new. At Goff+Rosenthal, you will encounter the novelty of a tightly defined group show, one that brings together three artists who, in utterly different ways, obsessively repeat subject matter….It’s somehow a comfort knowing that so much suspense can be built from the subtle fluctuation of details, be they from the hand of Bush, Akkerman, or a rotulista. And it’s never a bore.” Read more.

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