Kahlo’s hidden letters published in Mexico

Javier Espinoza reports in The Observer: “‘My Beloved Doctor’ is a bilingual compilation of the letters Frida Kahlo exchanged with Dr Leo Eloesser between 1932 and 1951, which remained hidden for 50 years after her death…Finally the one part of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s life that has remained secret – at the orders of her former husband, fellow painter Diego Rivera – has been revealed in a new book published in Mexico. It tells the contents of a series of letters that Kahlo exchanged with her physician, and confidant, after she suffered a miscarriage in 1932, describing the devastation she felt when she realised that she could never have Rivera’s child. The new material is certain to fill out the biography of one of the most fascinating artists of the 20th century, whose colourful life, which included a reputed affair with Trotsky, rivalled her art.” Read more.

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  1. Where can I buy the book: “My beloved doctor” by Javier Espinoza?

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