Eric Fischl: Face time in the Hamptons

In the NYTimes, Martha Schwendener reports: “The show at the Parrish, ‘All the More Real: Portrayals of Intimacy and Empathy,’ stems from discussions between Mr. Fischl and Ms. Falkenberg, who met when Mr. Fischl saw a film at the museum about the strategies artists use to elicit responses from viewers. With Mr. Fischl�s ruminations on the death of painting and Ms. Falkenberg�s catalog essay, which considers what she calls the �tentative emergence� of realism, ‘All the More Real’ has the makings of a rather conservative, backward-looking show. Yet on the walls and in the galleries, it doesn�t necessarily feel that way….The exhibition feels at times like a master class led by Mr. Fischl, although a somewhat anachronistic one. Painting is hardly dead. And humans will undoubtedly be making images of themselves, in some medium, as long as they make art. Walk around Chelsea today and you�ll see no dearth of figurative painting. You also might discover young abstract painters who claim that they are in the minority and that the art of the last 15 years has shunned abstraction, banishing it to the sidelines.” Read more. Artists include Vito Acconci, Diane Arbus, Ross Bleckner, Louise Bourgeois, Chuck Close, James Croak, Emily Eveleth, Till Freiwald, Lucien Freud, Tom Friedman, Karel Funk, Tim Gardner, Tierney Gearon, Robert Gober, Joan Goldin, Jeff Hesser, Y.Z. Kami, Elizabeth King, Gustav Klimt, Loretta Lux, Alexandra Moore, Ron Mueck, Catherine Murphy, Alice Neel, Catherine Opie, Evan Penny, Jenny Saville, Egon Schiele, Claudette Schreuders, Joan Semmel, Cindy Sherman, Do Ho Suh and Cynthia Westwood.

�All the More Real: Portrayals of Intimacy and Empathy� curated by Eric Fischl and Merrill Falkenberg. Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, N.Y. Through Oct. 14

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