Compare and contrast: ambiguous and complex relationships to nature

�Suburban Sublime,� curated by Lucia Sanroman. Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, San Diego, CA. Through Sept. 23.

�Condensation,� paintings by Adam Belt. Quint Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA. Through Sept. 1.

Robert L. Pincus reports in the San Diego Union-Tribune: “Belt’s exhibition, ‘Condensation,’ captures this attitude in a thematically subtle, visually provocative fashion. In a concurrent exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, ‘Suburban Sublime,’ some of the artists do so more aggressively. Though not intended as such, this multi-artist presentation, mostly culled from the collection, can easily be seen as a companion show to his….Even in our troubled times, when the ecosystem of the globe appears imperiled, art can still find a way to delight as well as provoke us. This is what the works in ‘Condensation’ and ‘Suburban Sublime’ suggest. They may not offer cause for optimism, but neither are they thoroughly bleak.” Read more.

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