Cameron Martin’s neonoir experience

“Neonoir,” curated by Cameron Martin. Howard House, Seattle, WA. Through Sept. 22. Artists include Dike Blair, Michael Byron, Judith Eisler, Wayne Gonzales, Angelina Gualdoni,George Rush, Helen Sadler. Martin writes in her essay: “For me, the contemporary noir image can highlight a new kind of sublimity, in which our fear of an identifiable moral lapse is charged with a longing for the belief that such a thing exists. Painting, with what some would call its outdated insistence on singularity, the importance of the maker, and the relevance of emotional content, is perhaps the perfect platform on which to articulate this sense of subjective disenchantment.” Read more.

Regina Hackett reports in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer; “In ‘The World Without Us,’ Alan Weisman imagines what the Earth would look like if we were no longer on it. ‘NeoNoir’ at Howard House presents its opposite — a world with nothing but us and what we have wrought. Fortunately for ‘NeoNoir,’ art thrives on contraries. A self-absorbed premise becomes a pleasure thanks entirely to the power of the exhibit’s participants: seven East Coast painters chosen by Cameron Martin, a Seattle painter living in Brooklyn.” Read more.

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