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Catalogue Essay

Catalogue essay: COVER THE EARTH by Stephen Maine

Curated by artists Elisabeth Condon and Carol Prusa, “POUR,” an exhibition that examines the use of poured paint in contemporary art practice, opens this week at the Schmidt Gallery, Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton, Florida. Condon, a painting professor at University of South Florida and Prusa, a painting prof at FAU, tapped Stephen Maine to write the essay, which references Pollock, Kaprow, Frankenthaler, Morris Louis, James Brooks and others.


Cameron Martin’s neonoir experience

“Neonoir,” curated by Cameron Martin. Howard House, Seattle, WA. Through Sept. 22. Artists include Dike Blair, Michael Byron, Judith Eisler, Wayne Gonzales, Angelina Gualdoni,George Rush, Helen Sadler. Martin writes in her essay: “For me, the contemporary noir image can highlight a new kind of sublimity, in which our fear of […]