August travel tip: Warhol outpost in Slovakia

Stephanie MacLellan reports in the Toronto Star: “When Andy Warhol thought about his 15 minutes of fame, he probably didn’t expect any of them would be spent in this one-street town of less than 7,000 people in the northeastern corner of Slovakia. Yet there he is, multiplied in six different colours, larger than life on the wall of a Communist-era apartment block….Warhol never set foot in Medzilaborce, but his parents came from the even-tinier village of Mikov�, 15 minutes away. That was enough for the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art to open in Medzilaborce in 1991 and for the town to jump on the bandwagon by plastering his image across its public spaces. But mention Warhol’s name to residents, and the reaction you’re most likely to get is a shrug.” Read more.

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