Richard Long’s muddy markmaking

In the Guardian, Adrian Searle visits Richard Long�s show at the Scottish National Galllery of Modern Art: �Lately, Long has begun drawing, not on walls or paper, but on things he has found along the way – bits of driftwood and tree trunk, Berber tent pegs from a Moroccan market, odd-shaped wooden boards used by children to practise writing verses from the Qur’an, scraps of rusted and sun-bleached metal from Agadir. Using his fingers, inked in white Cornish china clay, brown Bristol Avon mud, earthy pigments from the dyer’s market in the Marrakech souq, Long decorates these fragments with rows of oval fingerprints, with his characteristic spirals and circles.� Read more. �Richard Long: Walking and Marking� Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, through October 21.

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