NYTimes Friday art reviews: a few paintings at Jack Shainman and Casey Kaplan

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“THE COLOR LINE,” Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, NY. Through Aug. 3. Holland Cotter: “The artist Odili Donald Odita shaped this group exhibition around, among other things, a knot of prickly questions related to the idea of race as defined by skin color: race as a biological fiction; as a social fact; as a theme of art; as an aesthetic link between cultures, in this case Africa and its multihued diasporas.” Artists include: Olu Oguibe, Kerry James Marshall, Stanley Whitney. See images.

“GOOD MORNING, MIDNIGHT,” Casey Kaplan, New York, NY. Through Tuesday. Holland Cotter: “This mostly Californian group show is the brainchild of the estimable Los Angeles-based art critic Bruce Hainley. And it feels a little like his writing: smart, buzzy, mordant, uncanonical, the kind of writing that makes most of the rest of us sound like uptight schoolteachers. In ‘Good Morning, Midnight’� the title is from a Jean Rhys novel � Mr. Hainley sends up a few thematic balloons, but he keeps them light and drifting.” Artists include: Leica Dole-Recio, Brian Calvin, Jeff Burton, Jasper Johns, George Kuchar See images.

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