At Boston’s Allston Skirt Gallery: a small, dark, and stinky slice of the art-world pie

In The Phoenix Sharon Steel writes about “Pull My Finger,� a new group show at the Allston Skirt Gallery, curated by artist Joe Zane: �Artists? They just live for slinging crap � it�s like some kind of unlimited paint supply that�s handy, cheap, and gets them controversy bonus points. Where would museum-worthy pieces like Andres Serrano�s ‘Piss Christ,’ Chris Ofili�s elephant-dung-festooned ‘Holy Virgin Mary,’ and Marcel Duchamp�s paean to the urinal ‘Fountain’ be without nods to bathroom humor? Even so, poop humor is just one small, dark, and stinky slice of the art-world pie. On the same outre track is high-concept, performance-art comedy. ‘Pull My Finger,’ a new exhibit at the Allston Skirt Gallery is hell-bent on exploring the nexus between these two art tracts.� Artwork includes paintings by Carl Ostendarp; drawings by Michael Smith and Jason Schiedel Read more. Watch the slide show

Read Ken Johnson’s take on the show in the Boston Globe.

“Pull My Finger,” Allston Skirt Gallery , 65 Thayer Street , Boston, MA. through August 4.

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