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Art in the Age of Obama

In the January issue of The American Prospect, I write about a new era in which artists, strongly supported by the new president, will transcend starry-eyed campaign pictures and develop new forms of enduring art. “Like much of America, the art world has fallen for Barack Obama with unguarded sincerity. […]


IMHO: The super-sizing of American museums

At The American Prospect, check out my take on the current infatuation with art museum expansion. “American art museums are experiencing an unprecedented growth spurt, from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento to smaller museums elsewhere. Museum directors argue that the expansions […]


IMHO: Arts and Minds

In the October issue of The American Prospect, you can find my essay on the new State Department/ American Association of Museums collaboration. “The United States government wants to enlist members of the art community to help win ‘hearts and minds.’ This fall, the American Association of Museums will award […]