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Past, present, and future: The complementary visions of Jodi Hays and Michi Meko

Contributed by Jenny Zoe Casey / In a fascinating and inspired pairing, “The Burden of Wait” at Susan Inglett brings together painters Michi Meko and Jodi Hays and explores the different ways in which inhabitants of a particular region – here the American South – can experience it. Landscape is an important influence for both artists, but their approaches are mostly in opposition.


Christopher Ulivo: Armchair adventurer

Christopher Ulivo’s show, recommended as Best in Painting by Time Out, opens this week at Susan Inglett. According to the gallery’s press release, Ulivo’s conceit is that he would like to be an Adventurer, but because of the the sheer daring and physical exertion involved, he has settled into the […]