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Ray Carofano: Faces of Pedro

Contributed by Peter Plagens / San Pedro is a tough town. Actually it�s technically part of Los Angeles; L.A. saw to that by making the north-and-south Harbor Freeway and a swath to either side of it, part of the city, so it could run what has become the largest container […]


Finding Esphyr Slobdokina

Contributed by Peter Plagens / When the annual The Armory Show art fair�which takes place on the piers on the Hudson River in New York�rolled around in 2008, the recession was in full swing. Dealers were scared, and bargains (on an art-collector scale of things, of course) were there for […]


Remote: Teaching art online

Contributed by Peter Plagens / Serious studio art classes cannot be taught online. Oh, they can be �taught��if the professors and students accept, in a parallel to what my father used to say about cheap frozen pizza, a �cheese-like substance� in place of real cheese. That is, if everybody settles […]


Kandinsky’s influence

Heidi Pollard, “Honey,” 2005, oil on canvas, 48 x 48″ Mark Mullin, “Falling When Plotting,” 2009, oil and marker, 78 x 66″ Peter Plagens, “Untitled,” 2007, mixed media on canvas, 96 x 144″ Pioneer of abstract art and eminent aesthetic theorist, Vasily Kandinsky (b. 1866, Moscow; d. 1944, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France) […]


Plagens novel: It’s just fiction

Peter Plagens, painter and longtime art critic for Newsweek magazine, has written The Art Critic, a novel which will be published on artnet. According to Regina Hackett, it’s being published in serial form, one chapter a week for 24 weeks. If you see yourself in any of the characters, remember […]


Laurie Fendrich: jetlagged visiting artist

For the next few days, Laurie Fendrich and husband Peter Plagens are the visiting artists at Painting’s Edge art colony in Idyllwild, California. They are among the 17 artists and critics scheduled to give lectures and critiques during the two week residency, which, unlike others, is exclusively for painters. Fendrich […]


Homework assignment: Art Blogger Survey

At Grammar.police, Kriston Capps invited art bloggers to answer the questions Peter Plagens formulated for his Art in America roundtable discussion about art blogs: “Of course the great advantage to the blogosphere over print media is its boundlessness,” Kriston writes. “After reading the Art in America roundtable on art blogs […]