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Gallery shows

Melissa Capasso: Good vibrations

Contributed by Jennifer Rose Bonilla-Edgington / It�s the visual vibrations, both from individual paintings and from the show as a whole, that first call the viewer to Brooklyn-based artist Melissa Capasso�s work, on view at Jennifer Wroblewski�s gallery Gold/Scopophilia in Montclair. Vibrant and predominantly abstract, Capasso�s small-scale paintings suggest beats of life flowing from one […]

Solo Shows

Erin Lawlor: Like blood flowing to and from the heart

Contributed by Jennifer Rose Bonilla-Edgington / Erin Lawlor�s paintings, on view at Miles McEnery Gallery through August 16, have a sense of the familiar. Wide brush strokes play off one another, conjuring winding ribbons, rendered systematically like blood flowing to and from the heart — an ebb and flow of the […]