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Some old gold: 2006 interview with Howard Hodgkin

Thanks Jen Mazza for posting this link to novelist Colm T�ib�n’s 2006 Guardian interview with Howard Hodgkin. Apparently Hodgkin dislikes talking about his paintings and has never let anyone watch him work, so T�ib�n’s interview is fairly rare. “The term colourist, Hodgkin says, has no meaning except in terms of […]


The nakedly emotional bravura of Howard Hodgkin

Alan Hollinghurst writes in The Guardian that Howard Hodgkin, now in his 70s, continues to make reckless,unanswerably new paintings.”In many of his paintings, Hodgkin famously works with a found frame, which is then lavishly painted over. They intoxicate by being all paint, and even on the smallest scale can overwhelm […]