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LOVE: Robert Indiana’s hard-edged visual essays

Guest Contributor Jonathan Stevenson / �Robert Indiana: Beyond Love� at the Whitney unabashedly aims to extricate the artist from the public�s myopic reduction of his body of work to the iconic “LOVE” image of the 1970s. It succeeds in presenting Indiana as a brave, erudite, disciplined artist whose worldview is […]


Darcy Mann: A tangle of layers

Guest contributor: Dion Kliner / Vancouver BC / The German author Goethe wrote, �Men must retire from the world from time to time, for the world with its lewd and superficial activity interferes with the awakening of the best.� The site of that retreat is the wilderness; desert, ocean, but […]


From Marfa to Venice with Ellen Altfest

Guest contributor: Jonathan Stevenson / In �Showing A Little Leg� in the November issue of Harper�s, novelist Dan Keane offers a clever, peripatetic piece that delves into the history of particular paintings by New York-based Ellen Altfest, which appeared with other of her paintings at the 2013 Venice Biennale, and […]

Group Shows

By any other name: Casualism at DODGE

Guest contributor: Jonathan Stevenson / Casualism � the explicit basis for Garis & Hahn�s group show �Dying on Stage� this past summer � is merely the implicit one for two intriguing exhibitions at Dodge Gallery around the corner on Rivington. Jane Fox Hipple�s solo �Corresponding Selves� tugs the strand of […]


Matthew Miller: One Painting�s Presence

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson Some paintings have to be seen in person, up close, and without distraction to be fully appreciated. That is probably why Austin Thomas felt compelled to frame the maiden showing of Matthew Miller�s stunning new painting (pictured above) as a solo �unveiling� this week at her […]

Solo Shows

Paul D’Agostino: Fear and Loathing in Purgatory

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Like an eccentric Brooklyn character in a Paul Auster novel, Paul D�Agostino � writer, curator, Italian literature scholar, and resolute insomniac � thinks in the cadences of Dante. In his exhibition �Twilit Ensembles� at Pocket Utopia, he combines jangled fictional cartoon narratives inspired by paint […]


Studio Visit: Matthew Miller and the Drama of Subtlety

Contributed by Guest Blogger JONATHAN STEVENSON A corner in Matthew Miller’s Bushwick studio. Miller’s collection of well-worn brushes. Reading material:  Frank Stella’s Working Space, Wyndham Lewis Portraits, and a book about Phillip Guston’s late work.  Matthew Miller self-portrait (no information available). Last December, Sharon Butler wrote in The Brooklyn Rail […]