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David Humphrey and Gregory Amenoff’s long conversation 

Contributed by David Humphrey / On a sunny August afternoon, I visited Gregory Amenoff in his Kerhonkson, New York studio, crowded with paintings and a circular palette table piled with paint. I’ve known Gregory for years and our paintings have been talking to each other but we have never had a sustained dialog like this one. It was a great pleasure to prompt words from an artist who has had ambitious art pouring out of him for half a century. “Chords of Memory,” a survey of five decades worth of Greggory Amenoff’s work, is on view at Pamela Salisbury through November 5.


Gregory Amenoff: Radiant little pictures

In the NY Times Ken Johnson reviews Gregory Amenoff’s show at Alexandre. “In most of Mr. Amenoff�s easel-scale pictures, a large, mysterious form � botanical, geological or geometric � looms close against a distant vista. Color and contrasts of light and dark are pumped up to melodramatic effect. It�s as […]