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Museum Exhibitions

Dana Sherwood’s wildness and domesticity

Contributed by Kari Adelaide / Dana Sherwood’s exhibition “Animal Appetites and Other Encounters in Wildness,” on view at the Florence Griswold Museum, embraces domesticity and wildness, method and chaos, human and animal, the ordinary and the magic. Captured in night-vision infrared, Sherwood’s work turns on her appreciation of nature and fantasy alike and her generosity towards the fauna we live with.  


White, Woll, and the artist�s sense of control

Contributed by Riad Miah / Taylor Anton White and Andy Woll�s solo exhibitions opened at two galleries next door to each other in Tribeca, White�s at Monica King Contemporary and Woll�s at Denny Dimin Gallery. Their bodies of work are outwardly different, but they are both visually as well as […]