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David Humphrey: Art is an ass

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / As “Ass Backwards,” the title of David Humphrey’s new show of paintings at Fredericks & Freiser, suggests, they are less in-your-face than much of his recent work. But they remain as busy, visually precise, and narratively provocative as ever, suggesting that it is not Humphrey’s approach to painting but rather his apprehension of the world and his place in it that have changed.

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Austin Lee�s muscular blankness

Something there badly not wrong �Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho Contributed by David Humphrey / The spinning rainbow symbol interrupts our screen time. Buffered and helpless, we pause with the device to wait, perhaps to sink back into our thoughts or to drift into another task. That rainbow, called by some […]

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Alun Williams: Lest we forget

Contributed by David Humphrey / What is it to have a life? It�s overwhelming to imagine the pile-up of lives that have preceded ours, some documented, even celebrated, but mostly not. Alun Williams seems to say �pick one, and let it intersect with yours for a moment.� It could turn […]

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David Humphrey: Facile like a fox

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / It might be tempting to conclude that David Humphrey is too facile a painter for his own damn good � that his command of brush, surface, and pigment across a spectrum from representational to abstract is so assured, his vision so pristinely and confidently realized on the […]