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IMAGES: John O’Donnell considers mimesis

It’s hard to tell if John O’Donnell is serious, and he seems to want it that way. Although known for his outlandish performances and kitschy installations that riff on contemporary art making strategies, in a recent show at The Schumacher Gallery at Westover School, O’Donnell presented a series of small […]

Ideas about Painting

The Casualist tendency

This essay, which builds upon an essay about contemporary abstract painting that I wrote for The Brooklyn Rail in 2011, was just published in the January/February 2014 issue of Christie’s Magazine. —– Contributed by Sharon Butler / A few years ago, having operated safely within traditional painting strictures for decades, I […]


Smart Painting in New Haven

The ten artists in “Smart Painting,” an upcoming exhibition at New Haven’s Artspace Gallery, are an inquisitive group, asking  a range of questions, which, at their most basic level, include: What should a painting look like? How should I paint it? What should I paint it on? Beginning with simple […]


Sarah Faux : Report from Yale

Guest Contributor Sarah Faux just completed her first semester in the Yale MFA program. She writes about the changes in her work and the diversity of approaches among the other students in the painting program. Image above: stacks of paintings lining the wall of her studio. —– I�ve been thinking […]


Christopher Wool’s poetry of errors

Christopher Wool is obsessed with doing things wrong. In his retrospective at the Guggenheim, comprising nearly 90 paintings, photographs, and works on paper, Wool demonstrates that meaning resides in mistakes (intentional or otherwise), disappointing outcomes, decay, and uncertainty. Appropriately, the show kicks off with a painting called Minor Mishap from […]

Group Shows

By any other name: Casualism at DODGE

Guest contributor: Jonathan Stevenson / Casualism � the explicit basis for Garis & Hahn�s group show �Dying on Stage� this past summer � is merely the implicit one for two intriguing exhibitions at Dodge Gallery around the corner on Rivington. Jane Fox Hipple�s solo �Corresponding Selves� tugs the strand of […]


Weekend report: Casualism's heredity, visit to The Brooklyn Museum,Museum Hours, studio update

At Hyperallergic, Thomas Micchelli still has Casualism on the brain. In his excellent review of “Reinventing Abstraction,” an exhibition of 1980s abstract painting curated by Raphael Rubinstein, Micchelli suggests that “the genome of this generation of post-minimal abstractionists, who were born between 1939 and 1949, is embedded in the Provisional/Casual […]


Questions for Casualists

This weekend at Hyperallergic Thomas Micchelli reviews Dying on Stage: New Painting in New York, the Garis & Hahn exhibition curated by Kyle Chayka that was inspired by  “The New Casualists,� a 2011 essay I published in The Brooklyn Rail. Noting that much of the work in the show veers […]