MsBehavior in Chelsea

In Chelsea checking out  the West Chelsea Open Studios on Saturday, I stopped at ArtBridge Drawing Room to see “MsBehavior,” an exhibition featuring work by Brooklyn-based artists Amy Feldman, Polly Shindler, and Amanda Valdez. All exponents of a casualist aesthetic, the three women rock insouciant shapes using monochromatic color, humble materials, and simple drawing techniques. The gallery is like a little closet, which seems to suit the intimate work on view. “These women stop short of stifling their pieces with finality,” curator Jordana Zeldin explains. “Their decision to walk away is a liberating one…”

 Amanda Valdez, The Cousin, 2009
 Amy Feldman, Filtered Devotion, 2009.

 Polly Shindler, Pivot, 2011.

 Installation view of “MsBehavior” at ArtBridge.

MsBehavior, featuring the work of: AMY FELDMAN POLLY SHINDLER AMANDA VALDEZ,” curated by Jordana Zeldin. ArtBridge Drawing Room, Chelsea, New York, NY. Through June 28, 2012.

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