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Projects: Red Shoes in East Hampton

Contributed by Abby Lloyd and Hadley Vogel / The progenitor of the East Hampton Tow wasn’t on wheels. It was a shed in the backyard of Hadley�s childhood home. She founded East Hampton Shed in 2012 with Nate Hitchcock, and for eight years, mostly during the summer, the shed functioned […]


Abby Lloyd: Recipes for disaster

Contributed by Sharon Butler / When the lockdown went into effect, Abby Lloyd wanted to curate an online project, but envisioned something more personal than a bunch of jpegs, so she put together a quirky cookbook with recipes by her artist friends. “I came across a school cookbook that I […]


Abby Lloyd’s interview with her Aunt Nancy

Contributed by Joshua Abelow / “Abby’s Room” is a show at Freddy in Harris, New York, featuring Abby Lloyd’s new sculptures and childhood drawings by her Aunt Nancy. “When my grandma died in 2015, my family and I began cleaning out her house,” Lloyd writes in her artist’s statement. “That’s when […]