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Selected Paintings from SPRING/BREAK NYC 2023

Pictured: Debbi Kenote/ Booth 1048, “Surface Level” curated by Alex Feim + Matt Logsdon. Theme: Fact and Fiction (2019)

Contributed by Fay Sanders and Bob Szyantyr / In a shift befitting this year’s theme, !WILD CARD!, the Spring/Break Art Show departs from its past trajectory of more-and-bigger spectacle, year after year. Building on the “Secret Show” of this past spring, which returned to the Old School where the fair began, the organizers asked artists for this year’s show at 625 Madison to revisit past themes with a mix of nostalgia, homage, and cheekiness.

Though the artists and curators again had to meet the challenges of defunct office space, inconsistent lighting, and black-and-white checkered floors, every year their strategies seem to serve the work better, with less and less selfie-encouraging frustration. This year there was a palpable retreat from the big, bright, quick, and dirty, perhaps because seasoned participants have learned what to expect from the whirlwind, which usually lasts about a week from install to de-install. This show, like its early iterations, provided room for quirk, charm, and quality to set the tone. We spent some time on the 10th and 11th floors with the artists, the work, and the curators, trying to decode some of the trends in the emerging painting world. Here are some of the pieces that we couldn’t stop thinking about.

Pictured: Michael Hambouz / Booth 1037, “That’s Allegorical Folks!” curated by Ambre Kelly + Andrew Gori as part of the Artist Spotlight. Theme: INT./EXT. (2024)
Pictured: Haley Hayden / Booth 1051, “Secret Garden” curated by Maria Petrovskaya. Featuring Artists Haley Hayden + Horacio Quiroz + Kariny Padilla + Maria Petrovskaya + Matt Coombs + Nefertiti Jenkins. Theme: Naked Lunch (2022)
Pictured: Kay Seohyung Lee / Booth 1019 “A Comfortable Violence” curated by Blah Blah Gallery
Featuring Artists Kay Seohyung Lee + Meredith Sellers. Theme: Naked Lunch (2022)
Pictured: Lauren Krasnoff/ Booth 1041 Booth 1041 “In the Field” curated by Giancarlo Venturini + Grace Bromley. Featuring Artists Lauren Krasnoff + Adrian Mangel + Ellen Hanson + Grace Bromley + Pia Bakala + Alexis Mabry. Theme: Public/Private (2014)
Pictured: Paul Anagnostopoulos/ Booth 1114 “The Four Horsemen” curated by Carlos Pineda Palma + Daniel Morowitz. Featuring artists Carlos Pineda Palma + Daniel Morowitz + Paul Anagnostopoulos + Ray Hwang. Theme: Apocalist (2012)
Pictured: Germán Enrique/ Booth 1151 “PLAY DATE” curated by James Kerley. Featuring artists: Fred Blauth + Germán Enrique + Luke Lunsford. Theme: Fact and Fiction (2019)
Pictured: Kevin Lowenthal/ Booth 1004 “The Sky Opened And It Was So Inviting” curated by Brigitte Mulholland. Featuring Artists Mackenzie Kirkpatrick + Kevin Lowenthal. Theme: Stranger Comes to Town (2017)
Pictured: Leandro Comrie/ Booth 1022 “Moonlit Echoes: Tracing Home in Diaspora” curated by Walter John Rodriguez. Featuring artist Leandro Comrie. Theme: Stranger Comes to Town (2017)
Pictured: Jackson Hill/ Booth 1018 “Backyards” curated by Todd Cramer. Featuring artists Todd Cramer + Jackson Hill + Guillermo Amat. Theme: Fact and Fiction (2019)

“!WILD CARD! SPRING/BREAK Art Show,” 625 Madison Avenue, New York, NY. Through Monday, September 11, 2023.

About the authors: Fay Sanders has exhibited with The Hole, The Lodge LA, La Loma Projects, Tchotchke Gallery, and Field Projects and has held solo exhibitions at Smith College and the Kupferberg Center for the Arts. In 2022, Sanders was a visiting artist lecturer at Smith College and Sarah Lawrence College. A graduate of the Brooklyn College MFA Program and a Tufts/SMFA alumna, Sanders currently works in Queens, NY.

Bob Szantyr has shown with Auxiliary Projects, Trestle Gallery, Field Projects, P.A.D., 601Artspace, The Sphinx Northeast, and Latchkey Gallery in New York. He has also shown internationally at Galerie Jan Dhaese and the Cultural Center of Mechelen in Belgium, Ladislav Sutnar Gallery in the Czech Republic, and Kurant and Galleri 2 in Norway. A graduate of the BFA program at New York University and the MFA program at Brooklyn College, Szantyr currently works in Queens, NY.

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