A Pocket Guide to Painting at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2019

Pictured: Ryan Michael Ford / Room E12, Between the Ears is the Head and the Beaches, Curated by Natalia Sacasa

Contributed by Fay Sanders and Bob Szantyr / New York art fair season is here, and SPRING/BREAK, in its eighth year, has mounted another bold and energized display of contemporary art in an unexpected space. The new location, in a United Nations building, hosts a six-day presentation of work by over 400 artists. More than 100 curators have taken a shot at the timely theme �Fact and Fiction,� which seems perfect in terms of the new UN location, as well as ideally suited to painting approaches. Alternative realities – utopian, dystopian, and in between – are everywhere. This big, rich display of sculpture, painting, drawing, video, performance, and of course wallpaper offers something for everyone. Here are ten paintings that caught our attention. 

Pictured: Karen Heagle / Room S13, TV Guide, Curated by Jennifer McCoy, Jennifer Dalton, and Kevin McCoy. Artists include Jennifer Dalton, Anthony Discenza, Angela Dufresne, Oasa DuVerney, Wellington Fan, Anthony Goicolea, Karen Heagle, Karen Marston, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Alex McQuilkin, David Opdyke, William Powhida, and Peter Rostovsky
Pictured: Emma Tapley / Room E29, Sense of Place, Curated by Michael Holden, Artists include Gina Borg, Jennifer Coates, Mary DeVincentis, Allison Gildersleeve, Angela Heisch, Deborah Kirklin, Nikki Lindt, Kristen Schiele, Emma Tapley, Rachael Wren
Pictured: Hiroya Kurata / Room E1, Nostalgic Utopia, Curated by Koki Arts, Artists include Hiroya Kurata and Hiro Tsuchiya
Pictured: Hiro Tsuchiya / Room E1, Nostalgic Utopia, Curated by Koki Arts, Artists include Hiroya Kurata and Hiro Tsuchiya
Pictured: Max Razdow / Room E28, Court of the Dryad, Curated by Kari Adelaide and Max Razdow, Artists include Aaron Spangler, Kyle Staver, and Max Razdow
Pictured: Jeremy Olson / Room E33, Coral Projects: Underwater Land Art Lab, Curated by Vanessa Albury and Tamara Weg, Artists include Rachel Frank, Lauren Gidwitz, LOCUS (Thale Fastvold, Tanja Thorjussen with Don Lawrence,) Karen Marston, Jeremy Olson, John Torreano and Vanessa Albury
Pictured: Ho Jae Kim / Room E26, Play to Win, Curated by Sarah Nam
Pictured: Brittany Tucker / Room E19, Studied, Curated by Lizzy Chiappini + Grace Caiazza
Pictured: Kindah Khalidy / Room W37, Chroma, Special Project: Chandran Gallery

SPRING/BREAK Art Show, 866 UN Plaza, New York, NY. Through March 11.

About the authors: Bob Szantyr and Fay Sanders are students in the Brooklyn College MFA Program. Follow them on Instagram at @faysanders_ and @blahbert

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  1. If those are the best or better paintings I’m glad I skipped SPRINGbreak this year…very UNDERwhelming…!!

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