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A Pocket Guide to Painting at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2019

Contributed by Fay Sanders and Bob Szantyr / New York art fair season is here, and SPRING/BREAK, in its eighth year, has mounted another bold and energized display of contemporary art in an unexpected space. The new location, in a United Nations building, hosts a six-day presentation of work by over 400 artists. More than 100 curators have […]

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Facing reality: The Seattle Art Fair

Contributed by Erin Langner / In the center of the 2018 Seattle Art Fair,  Chilean-born artist Alfredo Jaar�s white neon script, hovering in Galerie Lelong�s booth, reads �Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness.� Jaar has appropriated these words, penned by poet W.H. Auden, many times before. But, as the fourth year of Seattle�s international […]

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Images: NADA Art Fair, 2018

Contributed by Sharon Butler / I just read a piece by Rachel Corbett in artnet News about Mitchell Algus, a dealer who manages a small second-floor space on the corner of Delancy and Norfolk on the Lower East Side. He’s been mounting shows in different spaces for more than 25 […]

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Images: The Independent Art Fair, 2018

This year the Independent Art Fair showed a slew of conventionally good paintings, which is not necessarily de rigueur for�the�enterprise�that prides itself on being the most �edgy� and��risk-taking��of the New York art fairs.�On�Spring Studios�at 50�Varick Street, just below Canal, the space was full of natural light, and, as the afternoon […]