2016 Spring/Break Art Show Quiz (with answers)

UPDATE: We have a winner! The identities of the artists have been posted below. Thanks to all the readers who participated–I enjoyed the show and hope you did, too.

Spring/Break Art Show is best known for installations resembling teenage bedrooms (fake pink fur, glitter, etc.), dimly lit rooms with video projections, loads of kitsch, and at least one big sculpture with moving parts, but plenty of paintings line the walls this year. Here are images, from the press preview, of a few pieces that caught my eye. Can you identify them? Send your answers to twocoatsofpaint@gmail.com with SPRING/BREAK QUIZ in the subject line. Whoever has the most correct answers will be awarded a post about his or her work or upcoming projects. Deadline: March 7, midnight. Get out there and see some art. Good luck!

[Image at top: Image #1: Guy Richard Smit & Joshua White, Grossmalerman’s Studio, 2016]

 Image #2: Susan Hamburger, McCrea, 2016, curated by Jennifer McCoy & Jennifer Dalton

Image #3: Thomas Spoerndle, DF/LR: Blue, 2016, curated by Yulia Touchy

Image #4: Ash Ferlito, Homely House, 2016, curated by Emily Davidson & Stuart Lorimer
Image #5: Michael Zwack, Sosloslogo, 2014, curated by Arielle de Saint Phalle & Taylor Roy
Image #6: Jaena Kwon, Blob, 2015, curated by Patrick Mohundro
Image #7: Thom Stevenson, Flowers for 1969, 2016, Ballast Projects
Image #8: Greg Haberny, Unhinged, 2016, curated by Catina Tabacaru
Image #9: Greg Allen, Destroyed Richter Painting #13, 2016, curated by Magda Sawon
Image #10: Steve De Frank Side by Side, 2015, curated by David Packer
Image #11: Matthew F Fisher, the Rose of Nowhere, 2015, curated by Jon Lutz

Image #12: Dean Dempsey, Untitled, Black 2, 2016, curated by Kara Brooks
Image #13: Jonathan Cowan, Color Being Sucked Into a Void in a Mountain, 2016, curated by Kirk Stoller
Image #14: Tom McGlynn, Decal 22, 2015, curated by Sarah G Sharp & Parsley Steinweiss
Image #15: Paul Gagner, Interference, 2014, curated by Alex Sewell
Image #16: DRIIPP,  Collaborative Installation btw. 4 artists & 2 curators, 2016, Daniel Subkoff, Rachel Gerrard, Ioanna Pantazopolou, Ivana (Lalita) Salander, Panos Tsagaris, Patrick, Jaojoco
Image #17: Andy Cross, Eye Idol 2015, curated by rachel phillips
Image #18: Samuel T Adams, Cowhand, 2015

curated by Emily Kiacz
Image #19: Tracy Thomason, Locating Her Aortic Shadow, 2016, curated by Emily Kiacz
Image #20: Walter Robinson, Bathers 2015, curated by chris bors
 Image #21: Lisa Beck, Moving Target, 2013, curated by Vince Contarino/Brian Balderson/Chad Stayrook/Jose Ruiz
 Image #22: Matthew Northridge, The World We Live in, (#’s 239, 250, 256, 240, 237, 255, 246, 253), 2015, curated by David Packer
Image #23: Melissa Godoy Nieto, Leap Day (Paraiso, Paraiso) 2016, curated by Amber Kelly & Andrew Gori

Spring/Break Art Show: New York City’s curator-driven art fair during Armory Arts Week. Skylight at Moynihan Station, (Main Post Office Entrance), 421 Eighth Avenue, NYC. March 2-7, 2016.

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