Art Fair Quiz: Spring/Break–Answers have been posted!

Although the Spring/Break Art Show is known more for installations, dimly lit rooms and video projections, there were a fair number of paintings on the walls this year. Can you identify these? Send your answers to twocoatsofpaint@gmail.com with SPRING/BREAK QUIZ in the subject line. Whoever has the most correct answers will receive a post about his or her work or upcoming projects. Deadline: March 8, midnight. Get out there and see some art. Good luck!

UPDATE: Two artists have submitted perfect lists! Thanks everyone for your submissions–I hope you enjoyed the show.

 [Above: Image 1 / Charlotte Hallberg, $$]

 Image 2 / Margaret Lanzetta, Parigi 0842 and Jorhat 0376

  Image 3 / Stephen McClintock, Jersey Toll Ticket painting.
Doing forever shit like pissing out the window on turnpikes
 Image 4 / Rob Davis, painting made with Bourbon
  Image 5 / Nora Griffin, Desire
 Image 6 / Quay Quinn Wolf, You Are So Beautiful
 Image 7 / Amanda Valdez, Lost and Found
 Image 8 / Sam Jablon, Life Loop
 Image 9 / Christian Maychauk, Compound Flat #44
 Image 10 / Devin Powers, Corona Wind

 Image 11 / Stephen Zerbe, Transformational Apparel Gradient

 Image 12 / Dennis Hoekstra, Hot Pot
 Image 13 / Ivin Ballen, Untitled (14)
 Image 14 / Alexander Nolan, The Great Sleeper
 Image 15 / Aaron Johnson, Birdman

 Image 16 / Eric Doeringer, Various (from the Bootleg series)

 Image 17 / Michael St. John, If You Are Missing You Deserve to Be Found

 Image 18 / Nancy Lorenz, Red Gold Cardboard II
 Image 19 / LoVid, Hushhh�Beepp and another from the stuffed digital print on polyester series
 Image 20 / Livia Corona Benjamin, English as a Second Language (Beer Before Liquor)
Image 21 / Brent Birnbaum, Untitled, painted treadmills installation.

Spring/Break Art Show,” New York City’s curator-driven art fair during Armory Arts Week. Through March 8, 2015. Corner of W. 31st and 8th Avenue, in the old post office near Penn Station.


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  1. what a bunch of derivative crap

  2. I love those Nancy Lorenz works!

  3. Awesome art! Very cool, I love #8 and #17. Both are very intriguing. Love!

    L.A. Abstract Artist

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