Link list: Artists to follow on Instagram / Part I

My favorite artists to follow on Instagram are those who post regularly and whose feeds include more than images of their art work. Photos of other artists’ exhibitions, amusing pictures from daily life (the day job!), documentation of studio progress (and failure), and vacation snaps all reveal what goes on inside an artist’s head–how he/she sees the world–and it’s a fascinating place.  The list I’ve compiled is long–this is only Part I.
[Image at top: Rosy Keyser /  http://instagram.com/rosykeyser Uploaded during the installation of her show at Freddy in Baltimore. Hey that guy looks familiar.]
http://instagram.com/cettdu (Andy DuCett) 

 http://instagram.com/hollycoulis (Image:Takuro Kuwata @ Salon 94)


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  1. Good stuff, I already follow a lot of these artists. I use my account to post images of art as well as everyday life, including in the studio. I find it's a great way to connect and show what's happening in a usually isolated environment. A virtual studio visit!

  2. Hi Michael–your Instagram feed is in Part 2!

  3. another great artist that I found is @Artistic_Tyrant

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