INSTALLATION: Elements @ Minus Space

Mid-size objects and paintings that “investigate primary forms and elementary materials” are having a meaningful conversation at Minus Space this month, and I strongly recommend stopping by and taking a look. A walk around the gallery is required to understand how these forms, full of subtle surface contrasts, interact, but gallery director Matthew Deleget sent me some installation shots that look pretty good, too. Artists include Rachel Beach, Vincent Como, Mark Dagley, Cris Gianakos, Erik Saxon, and Li Trincere.

[Image at top: Erik Saxon, Rachel Beach, Li Trincere]

Cris Gianakos, Rachel Beach, Mark Dagley

Erik Saxon, Li Trincere

Erik Saxon, Rachel Beach, Li Trincere, Cris Gianakos

Li Trincere, Cris Gianakos

Rachel Beach, Li Trincere, Cris Gianakos, Rachel Beach

Vincent Como, Rachel Beach

Elements,” Minus Space, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY. Through February 21, 2015.


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