News from Philadelphia: Libby Rosof to step back from daily operations at The Art Blog

I received word via email yesterday that Libby Rosof, one of the founding publishers of Philadelphia-based The Art Blog, has retired from daily operations. Rosof and Roberta Fallon started The Art Blog in 2003, four years before I started Two Coats of Paint, back when blogs and bloggers weren’t taken seriously by mainstream media, art critics, or, really, anyone. They covered the art scene in Philadelphia with unprecedented zeal, and eventually received grant and advertising funding to expand into art tours, video projects, and other innovative approaches to art reporting. Rosof, who has contributed more than 1700 posts, says she wants to spend more time with family and friends. Although she won’t be involved with daily operations, she plans to continue working on the site redesign. Her retirement marks the end of an era for the blogging community.

Image: Fallon (left) and Rosof (center) on one of The Art Blog‘s First Friday Art Safaris, which hired vans to take art enthusiasts to Philadelphia’s far-flung art spaces. (Image courtesy of Knight Arts)


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