Update: Moving day

Readers may remember the old studio updates I used to post from an attic in southeastern Connecticut…? For the past two years, I rented the house to a British couple who have finally returned to England. Now I’m in the process of relocating two year’s worth of paintings and projects, which I’ve had stashed in my NYC apartment and various other studio sublets, into the attic of this lovely old house. I’m looking forward to getting some closet space back in the apartment once I move everything up to Connecticut. Posting may continue to be slow until I get everything organized. Please bear with me. And let me know if you want to sublet your NYC (BK or Manhattan) studio this summer.

In the attic, circa 2008.


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  1. Best of luck with everything Sharon and I look forward to seeing you soon too.

    Adah Rose

  2. Hi Sharon, I am so intigued that you painted in the attic with no backup space to view your large painting. How did you do that? I currently also paint in an attic and find it very difficult!

  3. @painting pamela… I don't know how Sharon does it but I have always been a fanatic for backing away from my work. I happened to read in some of Joan Mitchell's writings that she used a "reducing glass" to see her HUGE paintings.. looked all over and found it in that ubiquitous website that sells Kindles (of all places). Very helpful.
    PS – just checked original sources doesn't have them but Jerry's Artarama does.

  4. The attic space is a good size, but lacks a good wall for larger pieces. I can work on the floor, but generally when I'm in the attic, I work on smaller projects–books, prints, drawings, sketchbooks, small paintings, and so forth. I work on larger paintings at residencies and studio sublets. And in the summer, I work outside.

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