Heads and tails: The figure @ Volta

At Volta, the small art fair affiliated with the much larger annual Armory Show, galleries presented a curated exhibition featuring a single artist. I saw an unusual amount of figuration, much of which was highly skilled, bordering on illustration. Although some of the work was more painterly, I wondered if symbolism and narrative were on the rise or whether the members of Volta’s curatorial committee simply had a personal preference for the figure. In any case, here are some images of the figurative work at the fair. (Note: I had to take some of the images from Volta’s excellent website because halfway through the fair, my camera’s memory card became full. Damn those enormous RAW files I took in the studio earlier that day.)

[Image at top: Seth Michael Forman @ Frosch & Portmann, New York]

Carolina Raquel Antich @ Lynch Tham, New York

Mark Mulroney @ Mixed Greens

 Ryan Martin @ Mark Wolfe Contemporary, San Francisco

Kim Dorland @Angell Gallery, Toronto

Hans Witschi @ Galerie Romerapotheke, Zurich

Sam Jackson @Charlie Smith, London

Dan Coombs @ New Art Projects, London
Alicia Debrincat @ KiangaEllis Projects
 Botond Reszegh @ Lena & Roselli, Budapest

 Anna Navasardian @ Gallery Andreas Binder, Munich

 Roza El-Hassan @ Inda Gallery, Budapest
Bobby Mathieson @ Lyons Wier, New York]

Pose (Jordan Nickel) @ Jonathan LeVine, New York

 Petra Johanna Barfs @ WOLFST�DTER, Frankfurt

Tim Kent @ Slag, Brooklyn

Hyon Gyon @ Shin, New York

Zo� Charlton @ ConnerSmith, Washington DC

Pawe? S?liwin?ski @ Beers Contemporary, London


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