The Weekend Report, Part 1: Beat Nite 9 in Bushwick, and the EFA Open Studios

Here’s a JPEG report from a busy weekend that included a slew of studio visits, and Bushwick’s Beat Nite. I also got a chance to see the new film about Camille Claudel at the Film Forum. After Claudel was committed to an asylum by her jealous, deluded brother in 1913, the brilliant artist’s life became grindingly dull and lonely. This film captures that, plus the maddening unfairness of her intractable predicament. She remained trapped in the asylum, essentially for being different from other women (i.e., an artist), until she died in the 1940s. I’m grateful that times have changed. [Update: Weekend Report, Part 2 is available here.]

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Craig Stockwell, 2014 Resident Artist at Marie Walsh Sharpe: Artist’s website
Camille Claudel 1915, Film Forum, Soho, New York, NY.
Beat Nite 9: All Stars,” curated by James Panero, organized by Jason Andrew at Norte Maar, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.
Color Line,” curated by Rico Gatson @ Outpost, Ridgewood, Queens, NY.
Front Line,” Lorimoto, Ridgewood, Queens, NY.
David Humphrey and Ryan Michael Ford with Jessie Brugger in the project space, Storefront Ten Eyck, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY Through November
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Studio Program, Hell’s Kitchen, New York, NY.

 Patrick Todd @ Outpost.
UPCOMING: “Water, Water…” curated by Edie Nadelhaft. Kianga Ellis Projects, Chelsea, New York, NY. November 12-19, 2013. Featuring work by Sharon Butler, Matt Enger, Elisa Bates, Ronnie Landfield, Edie Nadelhaft, Samantha Keely Smith, Bruce Stiglich, Austin Thomas.

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