Artist-in-Residence: Bascom Lodge at the summit of Mount Greylock

For the next two weeks I’ll be the Artist-in-Residence at the Bascom Lodge, a beautiful Arts & Crafts style lodge on the summit of Mount Greylock, which, at 3,491 feet, is the highest point in the state of Massachusetts. For several years the lodge was boarded up, but five years ago, NYC artist Peter Dudek, his brother, NYC chef John Dudek, and textile designer Brad Parsons applied for an operating contract with the state as part of the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Historic Curatorship Program. In lieu of rent, curators participating in the program receive a long-term lease and agree to rehabilitate, manage and maintain an historic property within Massachusetts State Parks.

 The entrance to my room.

At Bascom Lodge, in addition to completely restoring the building and surrounding grounds, the partners have created a restaurant that serves regional American cuisine, emphasizing fresh, organic, locally produced foods and instituted a lecture series that brings artists, performers, and other interesting speakers up the mountain on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Delta blues guitarist and vocalist Robin O’Herin performing with tap dancer Stefanie Weber on Wednesday evening in the lobby.

 The view from the porch, facing south.

As Artist-in-Residence, I’ve been working in the Sugar Shack, a small studio on property located beside the Appalachian Trail. Several of the weary hikers who have stopped to say hello have been on the trail since they left Georgia in early April. “How far is it to the top?” they always ask.

EVENT: “Itinerant Painter,” end-of-residency presentation, Monday, August 19, 6pm, at Bascom Lodge. Free and open to the public. I’ll talk about some of the non-traditional artist residencies I’ve been
involved with and how they have influenced my work.


  1. Had a chance to ride my bike up (and down) Greylock this Spring…I was wondering about the Lodge.

  2. one of my daughters teachers is on the trail. Nice!

  3. Sharon, It was great meeting you on Thurs. I made it to the MOCA exhibit. Xu Bing was amazing!! Thanks for inspiring me. I did some sketches this AM and I'm going to keep the juice flowing. I love what you're creating on the mountain.

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