Quick study: Bushwick, Venice, Hong Kong

The seventh annual Bushwick Open Studios takes place next weekend, May 31-June 2! Thousands of artists will be participating, and a quick search of the website uncovers more than 365 painting shows. Help support the event by buying a copy of Loren Munk’s Bushwick print (pictured above) at Supreme Digital.  And keep in mind that I’ll have work at two shows, here and here, so please stop by and say hello…

Storefront Bushwick is moving to a bigger space in East Williamsburg. Bushwick Daily reports that Deborah Brown has bought a small industrial building (pictured above, courtesy Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily) at 324 Ten Eyck, which will house both the gallery, renamed Storefront Ten Eyck, and Brown’s studio.

Print by Cristina Gon�alves and painting Dan Bohman

This is the last weekend for “Elisions,” the UConn MFA Exhibition at Sideshow in Williamsburg.
Readers may recall that I taught a grad seminar in the UConn MFA
program in the fall, so I’m biased, but I think the show (a couple
pieces pictured above) looks terrific. Featuring work by painters Daniel Bohman and Russell Shoemaker, photographer Kathleen Deep,
printmaker Christina Gon�alves, and photographer/videographer Allison Hale. Go see it before they pack up their work and set out for parts unknown.

Ellen Altfest has work in the Venice Bienniale this year. 

The 55th International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale opens on June 1 and runs through November 24. Titled The Encyclopedic Palace and curated by Massimiliano Gioni, the exhibitions are located at the Giardini, the Arsenale, and in various venues around Venice. Click here for a list of participating artists. If you feel like going, tickets are available online. Or you can stay home and watch  �Unforgivable,� a 2012 film shot by French director Andr� T�chin� in Venice. The film captures the spirit of the place (I want to get around town in a little motorboat!) as well as the messy complexity of, well,  being a grown up.

 Andr� Dussollier and Carole Bouquet scoot around Venice in �Unforgivable.�
This weekend is Art Basel/Hong Kong: Asta Gr�ting,
Acker, 2012
Epoxy and leaf gold, 24 carat
206 x 216 x 50 cm, 
4/4 unique edition

Magda Sawon says: “Just seeing slides of Basel/HongKong ‘best of’ slideshows justifies Powhida’s LA show. Tons of soulless fabricated product, mostly large.”


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  1. This is a funny, but poignant post, because it highlight the fact that most, if not all Bushwick artists want to be in either Venice or Hong Kong. In many ways, Bushwick is probably much more than Venice or Hong Kong, but you have to do the looking yourself and really discover and experience the art and artists for yourselves – rather than have it spoonfed to you by academics. Nothing against intellect, cultural producers and art world insiders, but sometimes you gotta get your fingernails dirty…gnaw I mean son!?

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