Can anyone paint spots like Damien Hirst’s assistants?

Apparently so. In Roberta Smith�s NYTimes article about the Hirst spot extravaganza, she reports that the paintings are “nothing but fields of enamel dots, smooth discs of color applied to white canvases in orderly grids at intervals equal to the diameter of the discs. The discs can be any color, except the colors can�t repeat on any given canvas (though they come extremely close), and the people making the paintings choose the colors.�

Seems simple enough–right?  

On Saturday, January 28, Two Coats of Paint is organizing a Spot Painting Workshop (no art making experience necessary). We will meet at  Gagosian, 555 W. 24th Street, to check out the paintings made by Hirst�s assistants, then head over to the workshop (location to be announced) to make our own. For a small fee, Two Coats of Paint will provide all the supplies�or you can bring your own. After the workshop, we’ll have a short exhibition, take lots of pictures, and then take our beautiful spot paintings home. For more information, visit the workshop information page.

Image above: A spot painting from the workshop of Damien Hirst, Ethyl Laurate, 2003, household gloss on canvas,
59 x 59 inches.Pne of more than the 1500+ paintings made by Hirst’s assistants.


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  1. He's a hack and I refuse to dignify anything he does as being art solely because he never touches anything he "creates". No credibility unless you get your hands dirty.

  2. David Hockney blasted Hirst pretty solidly… I do wish I could join you for the workshop… would love to see the results of the workshop… and the best way of critiquing work can be … more work! Great idea. Good luck!

  3. Sounds like a great event, I wish I could attend! Seems like a good way to explore the idea, for or against Hirst's spot paintings.

  4. Can we move on to star shapes next?

  5. Larry Poons was doing dots, and MUCH more beautifully, way before this guy back in the 60’s. Move on Damion bc you lack originality. Like the last guy said, try stars instead??

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