My favorites from “Greater LA”

Mark Grotjahn, masks from 2004-06, acrylic on cardboard boxes.
Dennis Hollingsworth with his paintings. At right: “Standing Room Only, 2010, oil on canvas. At left: “Spill the Wine,” 2009, oil on canvas.
Anna Sew Hoy, “Newborn,” 2009, fired stoneware and denim.

Amanda Ross-Ho, “Triangle,” 2010, CNC-cut acrylic.

Jonas Wood, “Greek Pot With Green Leaves,” 2011, oil on canvas.

In a large SoHo loft that makes you pine for the days when galleries had rickety staircases, tin ceilings and floorboard seams lined with straight pins from the old sweatshops, “Greater LA” was organized by art advisor Elenor Cayre, curator Benjamin Godsill, and gallerist Joel Mesler. 

The organizers shipped work by more than 50 Los Angeles artists across the country to start a conversation with the artists, curators and collectors of New York. Their choices are an idiosyncratic selection  rather than a comprehensive overview of what’s going on in LA, and although some of the work spoke to me (see images above), for the most part the pieces in the show felt like the artists were engaged in a less interesting conversation that I vaguely remembered hearing somewhere before. But they probably feel the same way when they check out the galleries here.

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