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Here are some recent items cut and pasted from the Two Coats Twitter Feed. For readers unfamiliar with Twitter, “RT” indicates the item has been repeated, or “retweeted,” from someone else’s Twitter feed. The “@” symbol indicates another Twitter user.

 Christopher Joy, Untitled, 2011, oil on canvas on wood, 3 x 4′

1. This morning Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy from Gorky’s Granddaughter are stopping by for a studio visit. http://bit.ly/gub9nM

2. So many things to disagree w, so little time MT @artfagcity: on painting and advancement in art, with pictures http://bit.ly/gHTxDG

Iain Andrews, “The Eat Me,” 2010, acrylic on canvas, 500 mm x 600 mm 

3. Iain Andrews wins the 2010 Marmite Prize for Painting http://bit.ly/gCrclb Other artists: http://bit.ly/dGXSn2

 Katherine Bradford, “Ferry,” 2010, oil on canvas (detail). 16″x12″ 

4. Woot! Katherine Bradford awarded a Guggenheim! http://bit.ly/gxo6gp  
5. A 2009 film about London artworld that makes your skin crawl. Art curated by Damien Hirst http://bit.ly/RenQR  
6. Great tour of “Photo Identities” w curator Eve Perry @ Benton Museum (cc @UconnMAAH)    
7. Did I already invite everyone to this? I can’t remember (Post has been updated w installation shots) // http://bit.ly/eHKro2
Nancy Spero, “Female Bomb, 1966, gouache and ink on paper, 86.4 x 68.6 cm. Collection of Barbara Lee, Cambridge, MA, USA

8. Nancy Spero at Serpentine Gallery through May 2 http://bit.ly/giodI7

 Susanna Heller, “East River Drop,” 2008, oil on canvas, 45 x 50″

9. Love her work//MT @franklin_e art pick at the New York Sun: Susanna Heller at John Davis  http://www.nysun.com/arts/thinness-and-thickness/87286/ 

 The Alpine Rooster (Dannielle Tegeder and Pablo Helguera) performing at Zinc Bar

10. Lights, microphones, cozy dark bar: I performed onstage (volunteers please?) yesterday w The Alpine Rooster  http://conta.cc/i7BzRB about 24 hours ago. 



  1. Love that Katherine Bradford painting!

  2. ^ ditto and the Iain Andrews too. And the Albert York.

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